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Here’s what some of our Grants Pass, OR customers are saying about us:

The aftermarket rims on my 2002 f350 would vibrate at highway speeds and were not the recommended hub centric rims that ford uses. I brought in some stock ford rims and they mounted my existing tires on them. I am very happy with the work they did. The ride is much smoother and I feel safer with my camper on the truck while pulling a horse trailer.

John LaFave Google Review

Busy shop and still friendly and courteous I won't take my car to a shop that makes me feel like I'll be the next sacrificial lamb
Good job Dan and Jeremy

Glen Humenick Google Review

5 stars!

John Google Review

Even with power outages and below freezing weather these guys get the job done.

I can trust my Jeep will be worked on by someone who knows what they are doing and that I'm not getting ripped off with dealer-high markups.

Because of Dan's quality work and fair pricing I don't even ask for a quote on some projects. If I need it they will get it done and I won't be given a heart attack when I pick up the Jeep afterwards; I can't say that about many places these days.

Andrew S. Google Review

Best place ever to rent a Uhaul

Rae Whitehouse Google Review

Good place to get new tires and car repaired

peaches paco Google Review

Best mechanics in Southern Oregon. I will let no one else touch my van. Nice waiting room with wifi, clean restroom for the ladies, and they are not mask murders. Highly recommended.

ZP ZAP Google Review

Purchased tires here, great price, got them on time. Service to get them on and rotated today has been very good.

Robert Pina Google Review

Always get the best service here. Highly recommend

Raelynn Beintker Google Review

5 stars!

janet fields Google Review

5 stars!

Angel Loveland Google Review

Southern oregon 4x4 is the place in grantspass to go. They are professional always go above and beyond and have the best prices. Crew is on and tight! Shout out to robbie you are legit the man! Thanks for your help and i will always use you guys!

Tim Long Google Review

I just bought wheel spacers and wanted the lugnuts checked and had called around to every place in grants pass leaving Southern Oregon last. Every single other shop either was too scared to do it or wanted to rip me off (thanks but no thanks Gil's point S tire). I called these guys and they were so nice they said yeah come on it and had me in and out of there in 5 minutes and barely charged me anything. I felt compelled to leave a good review because of how good they were to me and I will definately use them again im the future.

Kris Babas Google Review

Dan the owner, took the time to listen to what I wanted and also made some recommendations. This shop may seem a bit apathetic and disorganized, however I got great pricing on a lift kit install for my Jeep Gladiator and the turn around was very quick. I will definitely be a return customer!

Elijah Gutierrez Google Review

They walk me through what I needed, and help me pick the right parts for the best results

Gary Keiser Google Review

Dan and Jeremy are THE GUYS to go to for all your tire and off-roading needs. I've got several sets of tires from these guys and referred many people to them and they don't disappoint. They also have some of the best prices in town! If you're looking to get a great price on tires without all the BS the other guys use to inflate their prices, I'd definitely recommend a visit to Southern Oregon Tire!

Bryan Meyerott Google Review

5 stars!

Mike Kirkpatrick Google Review

I bought Bilstein 5100 shocks for my Tacoma they set front struts to 2 in in the front leveled truck nice allined well drives straight no more turn on my stearing wheel from last poor alignment I highly recommend southern Oregon tire and 4x4

bird guss Google Review

5 stars!

Ladder7 Google Review

5 stars!

Brandi Mellon Google Review

Honest people and good work

Pauline Wood Google Review

Great people great work ethic. Will go there with my tire needs .

Mark Kain Google Review

I went there to rent a trailer, after going to two other places. The woman working the counter was very helpful. Since they didn't have a trailer the size I needed, she located one for me and set everything up for me to pickup the next day. Very grateful.

Fabian B. Flores Google Review

Great place for tires and anything 4 wheel drive.

Tim Mullens Google Review

These people are awesome! Got my leveling kit and tires installed so quickly and everything looks phenomenal. The crew was super friendly and you absolutely can't beat their prices!

Bryce Schneider Southern Oregon Tire & 4x4 Customer Review

I've been using Dan's shop for the past 5 or 6 years. Great work. Great people. Fair prices and they know their stuff. I have recommended them to many off-roaders, search and rescue folks and people that want to upgrade their rigs. Let them help you; you won't regret it.

Greg DeBre Southern Oregon Tire & 4x4 Customer Review

Great work at low cost!!!

Daniel Harding Google Review

Don't go anywhere else for fair prices, and friendly, quality truck and auto work, (especially 4X4's).

Ralph Newton Google Review

excellent service,no job too small or too large

Jim Godec Google Review

Good service

stephen fugett Google Review

Fixed my volvo !!! Cheapest and fastest place in grants pass

Mikey Marker Show 5 Google Review

Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and fair. I don't know trucks but they showed me the problem with my steering rack on my Nissan Titan, explained it to me in terms I did understand and gave me a fair price to fix it. Dan and Dino rock!

Dottie Frashure Google Review

They did a wonderful job on my car I well go back again the service was great

Carolann Mccue Google Review

Always had my tires serviced at Les Scwab until a friend told me to try Southern Oregon Tire. Quality tires for a few hundred less then what I've paid at Les Schwab. The best part for me is that I have had a tire pressure sensor light on for years. Had taken it in to multiple Les Schwabs who couldn't figure out why. My last Les Schwab visit I was told I needed to replace all the sensors at $80 per sensor plus labor. Southern Oregon Tire was able to just replace the the one faulty sensor for $55. The entire staff are very friendly and knowledgeable!!

Gisela Eshelman Google Review

4 stars!

Tifferoni H Google Review

These guys are awesome!

Christina Berger Google Review

5 stars!

Ash McLaren Google Review

5 stars!

Chris Gale Google Review

Very nice people and absolutely recommended!

Ernestina Mendez Google Review

Excellent period go there.

Macheen Shaughnessy Google Review

4 stars!

Bob Johnson Google Review

5 stars!

Krista Barber Google Review

5 stars!

David Everist Google Review

Great prices. Dan and team always take care of me and my customers' alignment and tire/wheel needs, and don't flinch at work slightly out of the ordinary. Always professional and efficient.

Mike Page Google Review

Best place in town for your vehicle needs. From tires to total rebuild, or just some personal upgrade. Excellent service staff, very knowledgeable about your needs

Barbara Hicks Google Review

Very friendly! Always accommodating .

Cheri Johnson Google Review

Prices are very reasonable. Dan is incredible knowledgeable and provided excepted customer service.

Travis Knoll Google Review

5 stars!

tim chandler Google Review

I was amazed. My Volvo dealer deserted me, and I had the air conditioning in the XC90 cutting out. Looking around Grant's Pass for a place that would not rip me off for having a Volvo did not look good. Southern Oregon Tire not only did the work when I needed the repair, but got the parts much more quickly than dealers have in the past. This shop will help you maintain all aspects of your vehicle.

Bright Libra Google Review

Great work fair pricing

Ray Morris Google Review

This place is awesome! Great people!

adrian redlinger Google Review

These guys are awesome. I've used them several times now, and they always can get me what I need, in a timely fashion, without costing me an arm and a leg. Just this morning I had a blowout on my way home from dropping the kiddo at school. Limped over to the shop, I was in and out in 20 minutes, and I only paid $30 total for a used tire change out. Incredible! always recommended

Jessica Worden Google Review

4 stars!

Aj Gaskey Google Review

Good guys helpful

Indian Creek Google Review

Great service and products.... and how many mechanics get you out on time? Great group of professionals to help with all your 4X4 needs.

joe emerson Google Review

5 stars!

Harry Pete Towing Google Review

5 stars!

Braedon Roper Google Review

Good service

Athena Briney Google Review

They are amazing group of men willing to help make things possible for you without breaking the bank thanks gentlemen you guys rock

Nichole Cypert Google Review

5 stars!

Tim Mullens Google Review

Real down to earth hard working folks. The are easy to work with. Thanks guys!!

Elbonk 1 Google Review

5 stars!

anton hall Google Review

Great place to take truck too.Dan is great and fair guy

Robert DeVoll-Evers Google Review

5 stars!

Ron Phillips Google Review

Excellent local tire shop. Great bunch of people.

Donnie Boyum Google Review

Dan, the the BEST. He sees to it that you get quality service...

Peggy Peery Google Review

5 stars!

jeff shultz Google Review

5 stars!

Cavil07 Google Review

These guys rock

Keith Fisher Google Review

Great job guy's!. I'll Definitely be back if I need anything

kenneth taylor riches Google Review

4 stars!

John Bernardo Google Review

They have the friendliest service I found around and prompt with service

Dennis Griffin Google Review

4 stars!

Steve Sunseri Google Review


Richard Seneff Google Review

Patched my tire for free. It’s nice to see people helping other when everything always costs something

David Janowski Google Review

Dan and Matt helped us. Wow is all I can say. These guys were truly a blessing. My friend just got back from iraq and instead of taking advantage of the money he had From deployment. He gave us about $300 in services, for 1/4 of that. I was amazed at fast Matt worked. And can't say enough of good things about Dan. He is the man. Super chill And just an absolutely great guy. And honestly. I will tell everyone!!!!!!!!!

Nate Holmes Google Review

Huge shout out to Dan and Matt needed help getting tires and they were their super helpful had me in and out in 30min back on the road feeling good!

Michael Cyrus Google Review

Fast service

Felicia Hall Google Review

5 stars!

Nina Sanchez Google Review

5 stars!

J. Shilts Google Review

5 stars!

DILLON Beintker Google Review

5 stars!

Karen Brummett Google Review

This tire store is the BEST in Rogue Valley!!! Better prices on better brand tires than Les Schwab and offer same guarantees.

Karen Brummett Google Review

4 stars!

Kori Spangler Google Review

These guys rock. Great job!!

Robin Schaller Google Review

Staff friendly and helpful. Prices reasonable. Quality products.

Allan Haines Google Review

4 stars!

James McDaniel Google Review

5 stars!

Craig Harris Google Review

I live in New Mexico and still do business with them because they are the best at what they do in car repair and tire business. I order tires and parts through them and have them dropped shipped from them without any problems associated with long distance inter-state. Trust and dependability are very important assets this business has along with the knowledge, skill level, and service; all of these foregoing are of the highest level and is exactly why I do business with them from New Mexico.

Steve Hurt Google Review

Good deals

jeff ross Google Review

Great service! Fast and friendly. New and used tires. Home town shop. Get tires here!

Mitch Quist Google Review

These guys are absolutely amazing! I recently bought a new to me Toyota I needed to change the tires out. Come to find out the lug nuts or locking lug nuts and I didn't have a key. I went to AutoZone and bought a key. Get back to my truck all excited I'm getting new tires put the key in the lug nuts and it won't budge. Move to another lug nut and the key starts to strip. Pull it out move to a third lug nut the key strips that lug nut. Decide to try a different tire and strip the key. Regrind the key try again and stripped 3 lug nuts. Take the Toyota up to Les Schwab, and they won't touch it due to liability reasons because of the spacers. So I take it to Southen Oregon Tire and 4x4. Explain the situation and they get to it. Try a bunch of different keys and sockets and finally get a lock key set to work. After swapping out my tires they only charged me for the new lug nuts. These guys rock and I'll recommend them every time.

Catherine Ann Ziel Google Review

Edit: I just got a new set of tires from them and once again they offer great service, very competitive prices and better quality than anyone else I've found.

Highly recommended.

Had the best experience with Southern Oregon 4x4. Better tires than costco at a better price. With hometown service, right here at home. I think they'll give you a ride home so you don't have to wait for your tires, though it might be in your own rig. I don't know for sure because I walked there.

Note to walkers - stay on the left side of the street when you get to their block, opposite the gravel parking lot., that side is totally run amouck with goats heads, puncturevine, the most evil weed I've ever met.(And if you want to know how to combat the evil weed, friend me, message me, whatever you need to do. Unless you live somewhere with real winters, I can tell you how to get rid of it.)


Aimee E. Cornish Google Review

Great tire shop! Everyone there was really nice and didn't try to pressure me into “upgrades” like other shops.

Mikael Stadden Google Review

Best place to buy tires and all the 4wheel drive acc

cheryl long Google Review

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, quick service

maksmak1 Google Review

5 stars!

Sean H Google Review

I now live in New Mexico rather than Grants Pass, OR. My special cars (Porsche, Alfa Romeo, C6 Corvette) are still taken care by Southern Oregon Tire & 4WD. I have the highest respect for the operation and personal skills of this business. It is proven by the trailering of these cars from New Mexico to Southern Oregon to have major work completed. Rated: five stars and above

Steve Hurt Southern Oregon Tire & 4x4 Customer Review

High-quality work, great prices, and wonderful service. Every time my truck has an issue, I take it here, and they go above and beyond. Their attention to detail and high standard of work quality is always appreciated. The only mechanics in Southern Oregon I trust my truck with!

Imani Skoglie Google Review

The best place to get tires honest and fair and the employees are very knowledgeable about everything off-road

Donovan Robey Google Review

Dan and Jeremy have always been honest with their diagnosis of my vehicle's problems and have always provided me with a solution that is cost effective. I never felt like they were taking advantage of the fact that my truck is old. They always fix what needs to be fixed and nothing else. I never felt up-sold on any transaction that I've had with them. Trust these guys and go nowhere else for your vehicle's tires and mechanical needs.

Alex G. Southern Oregon Tire & 4x4 Customer Review

Thank you for the awsome service! You guys are bad ass!!

Joseph Tiffee Southern Oregon Tire & 4x4 Customer Review

I loved it! Hot front service guy with a cute smile. I go here for everything!

Finna Dawn Wittnebel Southern Oregon Tire & 4x4 Customer Review

Friendly staff helped me out in a pinch during a nasty snowstorm and not only got me some chains at a great price, but they even got them on for me.

Adam Margeson Google Review

Great service. Very honest.

Bobby Berryman Google Review

Professional, Fair Pricing, Honest Appraisals and Full Services offerings.

Philip Edwards Google Review

Hands down wonderful servise

Donte Weece Google Review

We needed a uhaul pronto during a busy time of the month, they had one and made it available for an extra day since it was only 2 ladies doing all the moving and we were exhausted.

Candy Rosenberg Google Review

This is the place to go for jeep lovers. Been going here for 15 years. No one is better at building off road 4x4s. They also do everything else 100% always cheaper and better than the dealer.

a Google user excalibur Google Review

Great service. Helped diagnose my problem and get me on my way in less time than they estimated and for a few bucks cheaper too. I thought I just needed a tire balanced but it ended up being a bad bearing. Rather than balancing the tire and charging me for that, they realized it wasn't a problem with tire before doing work that didn't need to be done. I would come here again.

Tim de la Torre Google Review

These guys happened to have the best deal on the tires I needed, so I went with them. They did the job, fast, with no bs. Even worked on it over lunch hour. Maybe not the most organized business, but these are real people, not the d-bags you find at some tire dealers.

Kurt Shepherd Google Review

These guys are great! I have taken 3 vehicles to them (Corvette, Jeep Wrangler and Nissan Frontier) that they fixed in short order which the local dealers were either: Much more expensive, or in the case of the Jeep and the Nissan, the dealers couldn't properly diagnose the problems!
Double thumbs up from me!

Jack S. Yelp Review

These guys went above and beyond to help us get our sons car to Portland with him via the uHaul services they offer here. Thanks again.

Scott C. Yelp Review

I found these folks to be very friendly, down to earth, professional and great service and good value. They had reasonable prices and a nice place to wait with free beverages and wifi. Overall great customer service and they had the best prices in town for my RV tires that I needed on my Toyota Motorhome.

Sierra W. Yelp Review

I have been going to Southern Oregon Tire & 4x4 since I was referred to them while visiting Grants Pass, OR. They helped me get back on the road with the highest level of professional skill. I was treated in such a manner I felt like I would like to do business with them. We moved to Grants Pass from Flagstaff, AZ and continued to use the business skills for all our automotive needs (1984 Alfa Romeo Spider, 1999 Chev Silverado pickup, 2004 Corvette, 1974/1987 Porsches, 1994 Jeep Wrangler, 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee). Their skills are of the highest order, down to earth and friendly, let you know what is actually happening, and all the other things that make a business great.

I continue to hold all the employees, owners, and suppliers in the highest regards which leads to the continued support and customer satisfaction that I have in dealing with the business. Double thumbs and more from me regarding this business and all the people that make it a "great small business".

Steve Hurt H. Yelp Review

This is the only place that I'll take my Tacoma. Dan and Jeremy are wonderful, and I'm always impressed with their work and time efficiency. Best in the area, for sure!

Eima Pratt Facebook Review

Very helpful, great service! Even better prices!!!

Megan Bosse Facebook Review

5 stars!

Jeff Powell Facebook Review

This shop is great, fast, and reasonably priced. They do it right the first time. After many bad experiences with local mechanics and garages I've finally found one I recommend readily.

Michael Monahan Facebook Review

5 stars!

Logan Fidanza Facebook Review

Very friendly, helpful, quick, and reasonably priced. I called Costco, thinking I would get a better deal there with an executive membership, but going to them would have cost me over $150 more.

Heather Mistretta Facebook Review

Very friendly service and good work. I will definitely take my jeep back there again.

Barbara Russ-oller Facebook Review

Great prices, great customer service. Will definitely bring my vehicle back again!

Josh Ross Facebook Review

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